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Client Testimonials

With Renée Auriema's advising, I not only narrowed down college choices and

knew which exams to take, the college application process was organized and less stressful, leaving me time to enjoy my senior year of high school.”

                                       Natalia W., student


“In my opinion it is better to have Renée motivate, direct the search, coordinate

the application then the hapless parent who does not know how to proceed. Renée is an expert in all phases of the sometimes painful, always stressful journey to college admission. I just left my daughter at the college of her choice. Quietly,
aside to me, my daughter said that after such an arduous passage she finds it hard to believe she made it. Renée's guidance contributed largely  to that accomplishment. Thank you!”


                                                                        Robert W., parent  

“Renée's expertise and calm demeanor guided us through

an otherwise arduous process. I can not express enough how many times Renée assuaged our concerns with regard to assorted issues from school selection to reviewing college essays. This was by far the best route in dealing with the entire college admissions process. I would recommend Renée's service to anyone.  We had trepidation like everyone, and Renée really made it all OK!”

                                       Deborah S., parent

“Renée, you were the perfect guide for Ian and us in the entire process of the

college search and application. Your expertise in guiding Ian through his preparations for the applications was really key in reducing the stress and insuring his readiness in September so that he could take advantage of several invitations to apply early for rolling decisions. We all felt that you had such a genuine, personal connection with Ian that you could really guide him in everything from his college choice to his essay subjects.  Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge, attention to detail, intuitive insight and wonderful sense of humor throughout the college search.”

                                       Leila C., parent

“Renée, your wisdom and knowledge throughout this process have been one of

the few things that kept my
mom and me from killing each other. I just wanted to thank you for helping us get through the borderline crap-shoot that is the college search.”

                                        Oliver S., student

“I know how hard Oliver and I worked.

But I know for certain that we couldn’t have done it without you….with renewed appreciation for what you do and who you are.

                                        Dianne B., parent

Many, many thanks for your invaluable

help with the “getting into college” adventure!...We appreciate all you did for our son to get him to this point. You are excellent at what you do.”

                                        Jean E., parent

“After being in college for a year now, I have only experienced a wonderful time

at University of Wisconsin- Madison. I can honestly say that it is because of Renée and how she helped me enormously with the entire college process. I would not be where I am today had she not guided me through that difficult path. Thanks again, Renée!”

                                        J. C., student