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           College Admissions Counselor, Coach & Tutor

Working from knowledge is a position of strength.
My process involves methods used to bolster both my students’ knowledge and their academic and personal strengths in preparation for college—and the world beyond.

Often the “system” of getting into college seems unfair, uncaring, and random.  I help to navigate this system by offering a logically paced approach and providing an atmosphere in which each student can make the happiest showing of talents and mind on paper and in person.

It is never too early to start your

college campaigning process.  For example, a carefully gaged start in the ninth or tenth grade sets the stage for your strategic-plan implementation. Such advance planning enables successful admissions-effort integration with your intensified eleventh and twelfth grade schedules. Ample time maintains personal and family sanity, keeps test options open, and promotes serenity in times of tension.

Students (and their families) who work with me will benefit from my proven modes, means and much more. Here are some core processes we'll employ together:

•Organization and overview of college application process

•Test planning and strategizing

•Advice on college choices

•Familiarization with interview process

•Standardized test assistance

•Personal statement and admission essay editing and support

No one can guarantee a specific-college admission. BUT, I CAN guarantee that each of my Student/Clients will learn a great deal about him- or herself in this life process... AND position their college-qualified narratives for admissions' success.