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Anyone who has worked with me has 
heard this line often:  “I love questions because it means you are thinking.”   Below are the answers to some of the most Frequently Asked Questions—FAQs—posed by my Student/Clients or their parents.

1.)With whom do you work?

I work with private, public and parochial high school students and their parents.  I have a large local practice (Brooklyn and Manhattan). Many of my Student/Clients are from Saint Ann's and Packer. But, I have worked via email and phone with students across the country.  I often meet the first time with parents and child, but— from thereon—I prefer to meet with only my Student/Client. 

2.)When do you prefer beginning to work with a high school student?

Freshman year is the optimal year in which to define goals, to understand the tests needed in the years ahead, to plan course curricula, and to position extracurricular activities.  From there I prefer to see sophomores in September to plan the year ahead and again in December after the PSAT test results are in. Early fall junior year is essential for planning the SAT I and IIs.  The junior/senior-year summer is the best time in which to work on applications together—so that the early senior fall may be reserved for any testing or retesting remaining. And, the rest of a very full senior first-semester!

3.)Where will meet with my child physically?

I have a home library/loft office in DUMBO/Brooklyn, close to many subway lines and local schools.  I can also schedule “virtual” meetings on Mac iChat AV or on the phone.  Counseling at a distance requires a little more planning and effort on both sides. But, it can be just as successful as face-to-face teamwork.

    4.)       Do you provide services or support for my child beyond college

         admission counseling and test support?

I inculcate all my students with a love of learning for its own sake.  With my wide and deep knowledge of literature and history, I provide them with book lists on topics pertinent to their lives and interests.  I am a surrogate parent and a sympathetic, yet firm, adult advocate.

5.)Do you have an orientation session for parents?

I offer a session in which I familiarize first-time college parents and students with the admission process—things that I wish I had known when I was in the midst of this process with my own daughters.  This session is one of the few I like to do with both parents and child so that  we will all be on the same page.

6.)Can you predict the average number of sessions to accomplish my child’s admission goals?

There is one overarching rule to remember:  every child is different.  Every student has a different work pace, attitude, and number of places to which he/she is applying. Dreams and realities are unique.  The process is molded to each child’s needs.  I will provide a general plan and schedule with “homework” and deadlines. 

7.)May I sit in on my child’s session with you?

My working relationship is with your child.  This is where my college campaigning action is correctly focused.  And, it will come as no surprise to you that your child acts –and reacts—differently when he/she is in your company!  It is with the unfamiliar person—to you—that I need to work.  This person is making some big steps toward adulthood, some serious choices alone for the first time.  I want my students to feel that they are in control and that they must take responsibility for their futures.  They can accomplish this autonomy only without a constant parental presence. 

8.)Will you keep me up to date on my child’s progress?

I will be happy to keep you apprised of child’s progress.  Every bill I send has a written piece on where we are in the process.  I am, however, not a direct conduit to your child.  I suspect that every student knows the parental views intimately.  I am the student’s firm advocate, and I keep no secrets from the child.  Only in perfect—and mutual—confidence and trust can we work productively together.  As ever, I always state, “Call me if you need me.”  And I mean it.

9.)Do you tutor?

I tutor for the SAT I verbal sections, the SAT II Literature Test, and the two English AP Tests.

    10.)     Do you help my child prepare for campus visits and interviews?

While I do not believe in rehearsing interviews, I do like to talk about the process and lay the ground for self-reflective and relevant questions.  An answer with texture makes for a positive impression.  Interviewers at colleges note thoughtful questions about that college from the prospective students, as well.  Having an idea of what may be asked promotes an aura of confidence.

11.) Do you offer any guarantee that my child will get into the school of her choice?

Every child’s “college campaign” is an individual effort within absolutely unique circumstances.  Success at “getting in” usually crowns a balance of aggressive strategy, prudent tactics, continuously integrated implementation over time, and—of course—luck.  Of these four elements, the last is, need it be said, uncontrollable.  Together we can manage the first three and prepare to take advantage of the fourth.  Luck definitely favors the primed and the prescient.  Still, given the seemingly irrational and the often uncertain inherent in any admission process, no guarantee would ever be possible.  What I can guarantee is that I will maximize the positive possibilities for your child.

12.) What are your hours and days of availability?

Unless for an emergency or by previous arrangement, I am not available for consultation or phone communication after 8 PM Eastern Time.  I am very flexible and do work early evenings and weekends at my discretion.  I can work around a student’s hectic schedule.

13.)What is your session cancellation policy?

I ask for 24 hour notice or a very good reason.

14.)What are you terms and conditions for payment?

I charge an hourly fee, which is subject to change without notice.