College Admissions Counselor, Coach & Tutor

Born in Manhattan, I lived and was educated on Staten Island. I grew up in a household of 
many languages—Spanish, Italian, Greek and French. Eager to see the world, I attended Le Rosey in Rolle, Switzerland for my last two years of high school. My classes were given in French and in English. And, it was the first year Le Rosey admitted girls—a carefully chosen pioneer group of thirty. There were transitions on many levels. I returned home with a love of good chocolate, a passion for philosophy and a certain self-reliance. (And, I dressed better!)
I matriculated at Brown University. I had been viscerally attracted to Brown when visiting on the rote college tour with my parents the summer of my junior year. Between the vibrant interviewer at Pembroke (then the Brown women’s campus) and the cynically clever tour guide, I felt I had found my niche. Aptly so, given that in the first few months I met my future husband, then a Brown film student, at a screening of Truffaut’s 400 Blows.
I graduated with Honors in Human Studies, then a new program. This enabled me to craft my own major: in my case a combination of music, poetry, and scholarship in the fields of 17th and19th century literature.
My husband and I settled in Brooklyn with our Afghan hound and raised two daughters—both of whom attended Saint Ann’s School. I offered the girls a regular regime of music, ballet, museums, classic films, and reading aloud (from Robinson Crusoe to I, Claudius) by an open fire. Despite predictable complaints, our daughters fared well and graduated from their first choice of schools Brown (Early Action) and Dartmouth (Early Decision), with one going on to Stanford for a Master’s in Education. 
While shepherding the girls through their education, I gained a taste for tutoring and teaching. Throughout the years, I worked in several bookstores in Brooklyn—savoring my own endless education in books old and new.  As the girls grew up I took a job at Saint Ann’s in its college office. There I gained knowledge of the cycle of applications, test scores, and recommendations that ran through our office. I often thought of how I would change aspects of the process—refinements and innovations now available to my students. 
With a mastery of the student’s side of applications, I moved to the other side of the desk. Barnard College hired me as an admission officer/reader. In that capacity I read hundreds of applications and rendered hundreds of decisions over two admissions seasons. Now, from the point of view of a harried admission officer, I honed my awareness of how to prepare and present the all-important credentials. 
Due to my braided perspectives of anxious parent, student counselor and admission officer, my friends began to seek my help in navigating this process for their own children. I was glad to pitch in—and thus a business was born.  
Education has been my life’s work for myself and for others.  To learn how to learn and to love knowledge are the gifts of a satisfied mind. If I can pass those gifts on to my Student/Clients, I am enriched as well.

   70 Washington Street, 12J, DUMBO, Brooklyn, NY 11201   718-852-7182